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What I Learned From 5,000 Hours of Yoga and Meditation

What I’m about to share is probably not what you’d expect. No, I didn’t live in a cave in Himalayas, I just did yoga and meditation at home on average two hours and forty minutes a day for five years non-stop. Lessons learned? Countless. I won’t even attempt to fit it in this small blog post, but will tell you the main thing and it’s not about learning. Even when you learn something, after sometime you may find it stupid, that’s another lesson. It’s a continuous process of learning. You don’t have to memorize or write it down. Yet, sometimes I did, because you may touch such a profound insight, you don’t want to lose it. But next day you might not be on such height of openness, where that sparkle of light shone inside your head.

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How People Experience Fulwish

We are touched by the sharing and expereince we receive from Fulwishers. Every smile, joy and love it creates motivates us not to stop at any cost, though it’s not easy to sustain it. We would like more people to join us and tell stories to their friends. Here’s one such experience:

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